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Tropicals and Semi-Tropicals 
Serissa foetida   
Serissa foetida
Our selection of tropicals is made of almost 12 species which orginate from warmer climate countries. Because of this a winter dormancy is not needed in most cases.   

Like us and all other plants, the trees will benefit enormously from vacations outdoors during summer if you are able to offer this. The atmosphere inside our homes is very dry during winter. We recommend that you mist your trees regularly.  

Japanese Maples 
Erable japonais 
Acer Palmatum 
For the amateur of bonsai, the japanese maple has no equal. We are particularly proud to offer you one of the largest selections of the most beautiful varieties. Fruits of our work, with much research and great care. These trees graceful and elegant are attractive in every season.    

Through spring and autumn, these trees create a symphonie of astounding colors. Each variety has certain traits which are unique including; leaves cut to extremes, color of the trunk and leaves, and the appearance of the bark. 

Our Plants in Pots: 
  • Our plants in pots of 3 inches are between one and two years.
  • Our plants in pots of 4 inches are between two and three years.
  • Our plants in pots of 6 inches to 2 gallons are older than three years. At this stage they have already been carefully trimmed and wired.

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